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When asked to write about myself, I look back on a life filled with adventure and lost expectations. As a young lad, my dream was to become a professional baseball player. That did not become a reality because I improperly applied my directions to divert myself from that goal. In 1969 I graduated from La Cañada High School with no positive directions for my future.

I look back on the poor education I received from the public "fool" system, and I can only feel pity for families confronted with the difficult task of keeping food on the table and finding ways of properly educating their children.

I remember, in the fourth grade, we were confronted with the Cuban missile crisis, not understanding much about it except that it was the U.S.A against the Soviet Union. Castro was the bad guy aided by the Soviet Union, the U.S. air support did not come to aid the Cuban freedom fighters, and communist Castro has been there ever since.

I also remember people all over the country building bomb shelters.

Then came the Viet Nam war. Oh boy! We were finally going to rid the world of communism. But, as we all know, that is not how it worked out.


By 1970 it was very apparent that our government in Washington, D.C. did not want us to help save freedom in South Viet Nam. But I was number 12 on the draft lottery and soon received a draft induction notice. As luck would have it, I injured my right foot in a motorcycle race in the California Mojave Desert and was able to get a lawyer and get out of the Army with a 4-F status.

With aid and trade being supplied to North Viet Nam via the Soviet Union and communist China, I was always left with a hollow feeling inside. And with the growing POW issue after the war, which has never been properly addressed, I came to the conclusion that the U.S.A would become the U.S.S.A by 1990.

It has become my mission to expose DEMOCRACY, and what it really means.In my research, I have come to the conclusion, Democracy is the code word for Communism. Do your own research and try to prove me wrong. This is my challenge to you.

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